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Eli in Tucker
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Eli in Tucker

The Tucker storyline


Eli plays a 14 year old boy whos parents have just divorced because his dad was cheating on his mum with a 26 year old. Tucker and his mum Genie have ended up living with his strict aunt claire, his perfect uncle jimmy who can do just about anything and how could you forget wrestling mad cousin Leon. When it seens like things can only get worse for him at the wynick household thats when he spots next door neighbour mckenna. Theres only one problem seth green, mckennas boyfriend. Will tucker manage to steal away mckenna from seth? will tuckers dad ever come back? 

Tucker- Hes quite upset about his parents divorce and hates ataying with aunt claire and Leon. But of course he sees McKenna and falls in love with her. His mission is to split up Mckenna and Seth. 
Giene- Giene is trying to save up money for her own house so she works as a waiteress but is ashamed to. She is the only other sane one in the house and can see things from Tuckers point of view and wont take any rubbish from Claire.  
McKenna- The object of Tuckers affection, she is into all the same things as Tucker. She also dates Seth what is bad news for Tucker 'cause it means she's off the market! But never mind Tucker still thinks he's got a shot with her!
Claire- Claire is Tuckers bossy, strict aunt who tries to control Tucker all of the time but he won't have it! She brands Tucker as a trouble maker and thinks the sun shines out of Leons backside!
Jimmy- Jimmy can do anything! Hes away from his family alot because he's a piolet. He's generally good to Tucker and tries to help him with McKenna.
Leon- Leon is a wrestling mad lad, he's idol is senor evil. He waits on the top of bunk beds, tree trunks even roofs to pounce on Tucker and strangle him. Aww! But hes so thick, Tucker is definately the brains of the family!