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whats up with ya all...

Are These Real??!! :O
I got these pictures mailed to me and I'm not sure wether their real or not! Even so..that lads in drag! So feel free to email me and tell me what u think =D

Eli's just like the rest of us!
He's in y10 and goes to public school. Its called Berkeley High School (obviously) go to for info on his school.


Whos That Girl?
Wonder who that girl is on the picture with Eli...needless to say am I the only one thats noticed he looks really uncomfortable. Is something going on here?

Eli's gay fans..
I was surfin the web (lol) when I came across this amuzing website for Eli's 'male fans' You should see the things they talk about in there!! U have to join though, go to to have a look ; )


Came across this picture and was quite destirbed... I mean what the hell is that mad man doin 2 Eli??

How bloody long?
Is every1 sure about this Eli site? Its supposed 2 be but HOW LONG is it taking them to do a website? I mean get a move on ffs!!! They've been at it for a year. Best be good..
Smokin eli..
if he does smoke I don't think it should be held against him.. I mean come on he is old enuff afterall.. Give him a break.


Male or female??
Is it just me or does anybody actually know wether thats a girl or a boy!!?? Am I the only one that seems to have noticed? Let me know.. I'm a bitch arent i?

More American Pie 3 info..
American Pie 3, aka "American Wedding" supposedly began shooting January 11, 2003 in Los Angeles. Unfortunatley, Eli Marienthal was featured in a poll on yahoo, "Which character currently not scheduled to be in the third movie would you like to see return?" Eli was voted 6% and beat out Mena Suvari, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Natasha Lyonne, and Chris Owen. Eli is also not listed as a member of the cast.  Maybe thing could change...??

                                 Eli's Real G/f?
This is what some fellow Eli fans have said about when they saw eli and his new girl!
"we were hanging at University Avenue and Acton Street, where we saw Eli crossing the street holding hands with a girl, heading towards a grocery store between these two streets. My friend and I decided to to into the store and "buy something." We think that it was his girlfriend because they held hands the whole time they were in the store, and in the checkout line, they kissed each other on the lips. We think that she's his girlfriend because we wouldn't understand it if they were showing some PDA if they were not together.
Well, Eli was wearing blue jeans and a red sweatshirt, and his girlfriend was wearing blue jeans and a grey sweatshirt. She's about an inch shorter than he is (and he looked around 5'8"), and she had long black hair. We could be wrong but we think she's Hawaiian. And if you ask us, she's BEAUTIFUL"
There has been lots of people mailing me about Eli's girlfriend! But which one are we to believe?  We've had ssooo many emails from people claiming to be his girl-friend! Obviously some are lies!
1. we recieved a mail from some one called Joey Strilkiwski saying she was his "Eli's girlfriend"
2. Theres also been reports he has his eye on a fan from Canada and they have been good friends for a year.
3. Theres also been reports he's going out with a Dreamstreet fan
4. He's also been named to be going out with a girl called Tina
5. Theres also been news about a mall mix-up (read the story below)
SO ARE THEY ALL LIES? OR IS ONE TRUE? mail me with pics!!

Eli Smokes??!!
We have recived an email from a person saying Eli has been seen with a packet of cigretts??!! We don't know what to think! Come on......... has anyone got any pictures? (if you have any please mail then to me at

Eli changes his gorge brown locks for...... BEAR FUR!!!!
No not really! It's just his brother beary-bear in a new movie he's starring in.......The Country Bears! all about singing bears! Sound's great!
Yes i woz as shocked as you all should be, eli wrote poetry declaring his love for alison! She aint nutin but a ho! A 26 year old and a 16year old!? Does the word child melester come into anybodys mind??
Jason Biggs style
Yes the little angelic Eli Nickelodeon charecter and disney too! the gorge 15 year old quoted;                                                                  I hope there's an "American Pie 3,"" said the 15-year-old Marienthal. "I hope I get some pie action, but not with a pie."
but eli, your under age!!!!


Unfortunateley NBC have decided to stop making Tucker because its not popular enough (whats up with you lot!) In the UK its really popular though!

Eli's New Hair!

still fit!

ok so maybe Eli has changed his hair but he does still look pretty F.I.N.E!! Hey set me up with him any day!

Tell us the latest gossip on eli please!!

Just fill out the box below with your name and the info and it should be directly mailed to us!

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Rumors have it that American Pie 3 is due to hit the cinemas in August 2003!! Starring The one and only Eli Marienthal!!

 Also in June 2004 Country Bears 2 is supposedly out at the cinemas. But whens the first one due for England? The first one hasnt even hit the cinemas in England yet!!

 Half of the cast for AP3 is ready to film the movie.  

all of the following where LIES!!!!!
mall-mix up?
Apparentley Eli met her in the victor ville mall he was disguised and  saw her in the movie theater thats in the mall eli liked  her because she was tall and loves poetry he found out this by her friend the girl likes him too. The girl apparentley has long brown hair and streaks and blue eyes (*cough* exactley the same as Luby!) She was french and eli TRIED tob flirt with her BUT she didnt  know who it was and socked him in the stomach! Then his friend came up (seann) and told her who it was she freaked and then told him sorry and gave him a kiss on the cheek and  he blushed and started laughing! Then her mom came and said "hello boys now go away" and told the girl that "boys are dirt" CRINGE!! Her name is Rachel, she's 13 and she comes on this site!

eli Has His Eye on Someone New!
But who is it? How old is she? What does she look like? We need pictures!
Come on u lot!
if you have any details on her LET US KNOW!

Eli has dyed his hair back!
Good News, Eli took our advice and dyed his hair back! So now luckly he's gone back to being as FINE as ever!
I've recentley found out that Eli is back on the market as he and his girlfriend (Sabrina) have split, it's not definate who decided it wasn't working out but now hes single again. Wonder who's in the picture??