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All films and proggams The very lovely eli has been in!


Country Bears, The (2002) .... Dex Barrison

Beary Barrinson, a ten-year-old bear cub raised by humans, heads for Tennessee to find his birth family. Along the way, he helps unite the once legendary Country Bear Band for a benefit show to save the Country Bear concert hall.

American Pie 2 (2001) .... Stifler's Brother

After their first year at college, the guys reunite for another summer of fun.

"Zeta Project, The" (2001) TV Series (voice) .... Young Zee

In this spinoff of "Batman Beyond", the renegade robot (or "synthoid") called Zeta is still on the run from the National Security Agency. But now he is being aided by a teenage girl called Ro and the two have a quest: Find Zeta's creators.

"Tucker" (2000) TV Series .... Tucker Pierce

After the brake-up of his mum and dad Tucker and his mum have to move in with his evil auntie. When it seems like things can't get worse for him he meets mcKenna and falls head-over-heels for her! 

Making of 'The Iron Giant', The (1999) (TV) .... Himself/Hogarth Hughes

An inside look into the movie Iron Giant.

Iron Giant, The (1999) (voice) .... Hogarth Hughes 

A boy makes friends with an innocent alien giant robot that a paranoid government agent wants to destroy.

American Pie (1999) .... Stifler's Brother 

Four teenage boys enter a pact to lose their virginity by prom night.

Jack Frost (1998) .... Spencer..aka frost  

 A father, who can't keep his promises, dies in a car accident. One year later, he returns as a snowman, who has the final chance to put things right with his son before he is gone forever

Slums of Beverly Hills (1998) .... Rickey Abromowitz

This semiautobiographical story follows a lower-middle-class teenager (Lyonne) and her neurotic family in 1976 Tinseltown.

First Love, Last Rites (1997) .... Adrian  

Joey and Sissel are two misfits spending most of their time together talking which slowly develops into a relationship.

Unlikely Angel (1996) (TV) .... Matthew Bartilson 

 Dolly Parton portrays a country music performer who meets an untimely demise, but cannot enter heaven until she performs a good deed back on earth - to get a workaholic widower and his children back together again for Christmas.
by louisa kate walker